Support Services

In addition to world-class catering and food services, LSS provides a wide-reaching array of support services, all of which are carefully designed to ease the operational and logistical burdens of our clients. These support services include but are not limited to, housekeeping and professional cleaning, laundry, pest control, administrative support, and even linguistic and cultural translation and interpretation, among many others.


As our customers already know, a clean work environment is a productive work environment. By keeping your workspaces clean and organized, we can help you and your team maintain better focus and clarity in your day-to-day operations. And with our scrupulous commitment to perfection, our clients know that they can trust us to handle even the most minute details.


Our experienced, uniformed cleaning staff are equipped with the most effective and advanced cleaning tools and are all well-trained in best practices and safety procedures. With rigorous quality control measures, including on-site inspections and detailed reporting procedures, we at LSS are taking the idea of cleanliness to a higher level.


At LSS, we go above and beyond the ordinary washing and drying: our laundry services and solutions guarantee that your garments are returned at their cleanest and freshest. Along with our unique feedback and monitoring system, the experts at LSS are always looking for ways to innovate and elevate our services.


With LSS’s maintenance services, you’ll never have to worry when something unexpectedly breaks or malfunctions. Our highly trained, immediately responsive maintenance staff can handle any challenge, from large-scale issues down to the most minute details, so that your operations can continue as planned.

Pest Control

Infestations aren’t just a pest: they can be destructive, costly, and even dangerous. LSS is dedicated to granting you peace of mind through integrated pest management and prevention solutions. By implementing advanced tools and techniques, we can meet any number of commercial and industrial pest control needs.


LSS owns and operates a comprehensive fleet of vehicles, which can be rapidly deployed to meet a wide range of transport needs, from single-vehicle rentals to mass transit and transportation.

Power Production

In the modern world, a business that’s powered is a business that’s empowered. LSS works to provide power to any kind of facility, in any location, through both primary and standby generator services, including providing parts for all brands and types of generators.

Aviation Fuel Supply

With LSS’s fuel supply services, it’s never been easier to get where you need to go. We mobilize quickly to help you guarantee a smooth and timely take-off, with fairly priced aviation fuel delivered whenever and wherever
you need it.

HAZMAT Removal

The Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Waste Section coordinates with units to dispose of hazardous waste properly. This section ensures that everyone on base deals with hazardous materials correctly and by following the appropriate regulations.

Wastewater Removal
& Sanitation

LSS can provide clients with a potable water supply and storage services for even the most remote locations and challenging conditions, along with water recycling systems and wastewater storage and removal facilities, all readily adaptable to any application.

Bulk Potable Water

LSS provides comprehensive services in the provision, storage, and disposal of potable water. With solutions customized to meet the needs of your project, site, and operations, we offer a wealth of delivery and storage options. Our temporary water systems range from simple, single-purpose installations to complex, multi-purpose solutions designed to handle water and waste disposal for numerous operations simultaneously.

Workforce Provider

LSS is a leading workforce provider, delivering highly specialized and trained local staff to seamlessly execute contract operations in alignment with client specifications. Our extensive skills database affords clients rapid access to a broad spectrum of staff categories, including dedicated administrative and management support, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each sector.