Camps & Remote Sites Services

Camps and remote sites always present logistical challenges, from managing supplies to implementing operational procedures, to meeting the needs of on-site personnel. At LSS, we provide the solutions you need to solve all of these logistical problems, without any of the headache.

Camp Design, Construction,
and Management

LSS has extensive experience and a successful track record assisting in the design, construction, and management of camps.

From engineers and logistics experts to highly trained and experienced on-the-ground personnel, LSS handles all the considerations necessary to build a camp from the ground up, including all the supplies and solutions needed to keep it fully operational.

Facilities Management

At LSS, we deliver a broad range of services essential to keeping on-site operations running smoothly and efficiently. Our commitment to providing high-standard services ensures improving living conditions and maintaining a healthy environment.

Accommodation Services (Operate Only)

At LSS, we understand that good on-site accommodation is critical to the smooth operations of your project or business. We manage on-site accommodations down to the smallest detail – and up to the most complex processes and facilities. This includes day-to-day upkeep services like maintenance, cleaning, housekeeping, pest control, and laundry, as well as logistical and management services like resource acquisition, camp setup and operation, and the management of on-site sport and recreational facilities.