About Us

Loyalty Support Services (LSS) is Jordan’s largest provider of life support services. With a team of more than 12,000 continuously trained professionals across strategic support service fields – from catering and cleaning to facility and site management and beyond – we work to provide our clients with high-quality, cost-effective services and solutions that are carefully customized to meet their unique needs. Our diverse expertise includes particularly extensive knowledge and insights into defense and government, education, business and industry, healthcare, and hospitality.

The name Loyalty Support Services stems from our loyal commitment to our clients: we consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ operations, meaning that everything we do is in support of their growth and success.


We aspire to become the region’s preferred catering and support service provider, with a reputation for combining efficiency and efficacy with superlative quality and care.


Our mission is to make it easier for our clients to focus on doing what they do best. We work diligently to develop our team, strategies, processes, and facilities in ways that allow us to provide increasingly more efficient and effective services so that our clients can put their energies into running their core operations, achieving their key business objectives, and contributing to the growth of the national economy.